Some tracks great for my Blues and Smooth Music shows.- Daene Craw- Spellbound Radio New Zealand” - Daene Craw

— Spellbound Radio

A copy of this disc permenently resides in my car's CD player. Jaja Matsimela a band led by a percussionist called Kwasi blends the flavors Africa, Brazil, Cuba and the rest of Caribbean with Delta Blues, New York Jazz and soul sounds, from Motown and Philly on the CD Blues Sauce” - Nelson Rodriguez

Latin Beat Magazine

This is some of the hippest ''fusion''' music made in the early 21st century by a band that has unlimited potential, and deserves attention far beyond its home environs.” - Micheal G .Nastos Rovi

Jaja Matsimela breathes African music of mixed roots of soul and latin, New Orleans in its most beautiful splendor. Sorry what a shame that it will arrive so late . It could have been another of the candidates to win Best Latin Jazz album 2009. They are the group Jaja Matsimela (Honored roots) directed by the percussionist, composer and arranger Kwasi. An excellent album from beginning to end, with melodies in 6/8 as in Moon Goddess with hot Cha Cha Cha in the case of Blues Sauce( the best style of Poncho Sanchez) and a lot more. Dj El Chino- Cali Colombia” - Dj El Chino

Solar Latin Club

Brother Kwasi has assembled an exciting group of musicians. This mix of soul, latin, african, and jazz is so hot it could ignite a fire in the heaviest rain storm. Can not wait to interview and video you on Jazz On My Mind, Com.” - Richard T Blackwell

— Jazz On My Mind. Com

Fantastic album great stuff for our radio station.” - Alex Pijnen


Thanks for sending this CD I really enjoyed this recording with its terrific fast and fiery Latin rhythms, it really bounced along at a great pace, and encapsulated what can be done when quality Musicians can blend music from different styles and influences and come up a terrific blend. Excellent compositions, arrangements, and production. Great work by all those involved. -John Reid Keith Community Radio 102.8FM Keith, Banffshire SCOTLAND” - John Reid


We like this CD. I' ve played a couple of cuts on my radio program " Rhythm In Bloom. " I intend to play the title track again.- John Hochhelmer WSIU- FM Carbondale Illinois.” - John Hochhelmer


Very good CD reaction is very good I'am still playing it now. Thanks again.- riddim master VIBES 90.6- FM United Kingdom.” - riddim master

— VIBES 90.6-FM

Great CD, has got a lot of airplay already in several programs and it will in the near future. We have enjoyed it immensely. Harry Boeman- Velvwe FM Netherlands” - Harry Boemam

— Velvwe FM Radio- Putten, Radio Emelo